Don’t judge so quickly, coach

Baseball films are my fave. Mark asks, “Are you ready for a film about a cross-country team?”

Mark Bialczak

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When the coach played by Kevin Costner in “McFarland, USA” takes one look at the the situation he’s gotten he and his family into, he’s an unhappy fellow.

But then Jim White learns he shouldn’t just assume stuff, a pretty good lesson for a man who’s a teacher.

And by the time the Disney movie about a group of real-life cross-country runners from a tiny town in California is over, this critic is quite certain it’s best to not to assume that every sports film to come down the pike is going to completely fit a certain stereotype.

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Are you ready for a film about a cross-country team? Do you have a certain predisposition about sports films? What’s your favorite Kevin Costner sports film, and why?

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