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“Also find new blogs, friends and connections here 🙂 (blogging tip for you right there)”

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This is on sticky for a while. It’s the “new” and improved sharing page …

Please share your work or yourself here (in a comment).

Also find new blogs, friends and connections here 🙂 (blogging tip for you right there)

Use it for :

  • Sharing a link of a post you’ve just done that you’re proud of
  • Sharing your blog
  • Introduce yourself – “Hey I’m Don, I’m a friendly guy, ….”
  • Make new connections and network with other bloggers and readers of Don Charisma
  • Make new friends ?
  • Shameless self-promotion, if you’re brave enough 😀

Do not use it for :

  • Advertising commercial products and services
  • Spam
  • Anything that’s political – activism of any kind will not be approved
  • Religious preaching – Don Charisma is already saved 🙂
  • Rude, argumentative, offensive, troll’ish or other moronic activities.
  • Anything else that’s not in the spirit of Don Charisma (and the community)


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Short tragic love story

“Are you toying with someone’s love?”

Success Inspirers' World

We dont play with loveWhat a strong, ageless commodity love is! Who would have imagined that Eddie Harrison, at 95 would tie the knot with Edith Hill, herself 96! Pa$ Ma NgobsAnd who would have thought that one would die for the other! The two old people got married in 2014 after living as companions for ten years. Rebecca Wright who took care of them says they were deeply in love. “He lived for her, and she for him.” Old as they were, they “would dance, take walks and care for each other.” How amazing!
This love story, unfortunately, turned tragic when the family of the woman took her away from him. He became distressed; and when she failed to return after two weeks, he was ‘heartbroken’; then fell ill with the flu and later died in hospital.
We don’t joke with real love; do we ? It is too strong a passion to toywords with…

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