Back again

“This quote is for those, like myself, who get uncomfortable with too much positivity in the face of crap. I don’t want to wallow in self-pity, but I do want to say, “Yeah, this sucks” and not dance around the matter singing, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow.”

D.K. Pope

There is a quote in a little book illustrated by Maurice Sendak that, years ago, became one of those things I bonded with, and so my brain carries it around and brings it up more often than not.

Here we are back again, lots of work and lots of pain.

First, I’d like to know exactly what 13-year-old Devin was dealing with that was so painful. Math? Making her bed? Truly horrendous.

Anyway, as I sit here, already 19 days into the new year, that quote rings in my head. The next few months are laid out before me like a long, arduous hike. And, really, I’m not dealing with the worst of it. My husband, M, has a ridiculous semester of studying, teaching and working. Throw a bomb in called preliminary exams and I’ll be happy to get him back in one piece by the end.

So, my work…

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Save Yourself

Same behavior+same thoughts=stuck
It’s as simple as that.”


If only it was easy to practice what I preach.. Intentions are great, really they are, but intentions alone are not enough to get results. When I am at my most miserable point, when I beat myself up the most, is when my intentions do not match up with my behavior. I guess to put it another way, my will or desire to be and live a certain way is sabotaged by repeating the same behavior or being defeated by the same damaging repetitive thoughts. It’s like my mind and actions are a total contradiction to each other. What could possibly be more frustrating than having a destination mapped out, having the exact route in the palm of my hand, and StILL I consciously choose to go a different direction? It seems so foolish as I write it down and search my mind for the exact logic behind the deviation…

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Ode to January

“The best of times was when I got to see Christmas through the eyes of my own children. That was glorious; a sort of rebirth of joy for me.

They grew up. And no matter how I try, there is no recreating that special time. I get it, but I still try. In the process, I turn into a shrew. (Insert “B” word here).”


JanuaryI truly love January.  It is dark and cold and I am often stuck inside for days. Don’t care. Love it anyway.

It is with great joy that I start up a new personal calendar, turning the page, as it were.

I enjoy the annual exercise of recording important dates in the upcoming year, mostly birthdays, anniversaries, special events in the life of our friends and family.

Interesting side note: There was no reproductive sex in the month of April in our very large extended family…no birthdays at all in January. Not sure what that is all about ??

The real reason for my love of January….. we survived another holiday season.

Sometime just before Thanksgiving, I turn into a person I barely recognize. I obsess over the celebrations in so many unnecessary ways.

For Thanksgiving, it’s all about the food. I approach it the same OCD way if I…

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Warm Thoughts On A Cold Day In NYC

“Wisdom is using life’s experiences, knowledge, good judgement, and common sense. To be inspiring is to be joyful.”

mother nature is a man and other observations..

There are so many wise quotes to select, but certain ones just seem to do the trick for me. Actually not a trick, but a working self therapy. Hope some of these find their way to you as well.

“Friends….They cherish one another’s  hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.” Henry David Thoreau

“Gratitude is one of the most medicinal emotions we can feel. It elevates our moods and fills us with joy.” Living Positive

“What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open.” Jose Manuel Barroso

“There will  always be serendipity involved in discovery.” Jeff Bezos

“Love is, above all,  the gift of oneself.” Jean Anouith

“I had a second birth when my soul and my body loved one another and were married.” Kahlil Gibran

Just a few to ponder………. In April I will be having a milestone birthday that I will address when the cold…

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