Ode to January

“The best of times was when I got to see Christmas through the eyes of my own children. That was glorious; a sort of rebirth of joy for me.

They grew up. And no matter how I try, there is no recreating that special time. I get it, but I still try. In the process, I turn into a shrew. (Insert “B” word here).”


JanuaryI truly love January.  It is dark and cold and I am often stuck inside for days. Don’t care. Love it anyway.

It is with great joy that I start up a new personal calendar, turning the page, as it were.

I enjoy the annual exercise of recording important dates in the upcoming year, mostly birthdays, anniversaries, special events in the life of our friends and family.

Interesting side note: There was no reproductive sex in the month of April in our very large extended family…no birthdays at all in January. Not sure what that is all about ??

The real reason for my love of January….. we survived another holiday season.

Sometime just before Thanksgiving, I turn into a person I barely recognize. I obsess over the celebrations in so many unnecessary ways.

For Thanksgiving, it’s all about the food. I approach it the same OCD way if I…

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Reality Sets In

“I love you family, and I loved our time together. I just wish it didn’t ache so much to be away from you all again. I miss you terribly.”


Snow is coming. A lot of it. Supposedly, somewhere between five inches and a foot of snow. Then sub-arctic cold.

I’m not a fan of snow followed by sub-arctic temperatures. Heck, I’m not a fan of snow anymore. When I first moved here a few years ago (I believe it’s now 23 years, to be exact), I thought the snow was beautiful. But it’s not. Not for a moment, not in any context. I don’t like snow, because I have to scrape it, brush it, shovel it, salt it, deal with it. Right now I can’t even clean my windshield because the jet nozzles on the sprayers are frozen.

I’m back at work today after a wonderful two week vacation. For once, it actually felt like a vacation. I didn’t have any pressures hovering over me. I didn’t have any projects slipped onto my list while I was out. I…

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