Have You Signed Up?

I’m in! ANEWPERSPECTIVEPERHAPS asks, “Will you join me on my mission to make the world a better place one kind act at a time?”


Imagine how amazing your day would be if someone went out of their way to do something thoughtful for you. Wouldn’t it make all the difference on how you perceived the day as you reflected back on it when evening rolled around? I know it is already Wednesday but for the next seven days I am committed to doing at least one kind, unexpected , nice thing for whoever is lucky to be around. It could be a family member, a friend or a complete stranger. Will you join me on my mission to make the world a better place one kind act at a time? I’m recruiting now. Sign ups won’t last long.

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“That was one of the happiest days of my life and that is the reason that no one will ever convince me that miracles don’t happen.”

trying to make things right

Donnies foot prints Donnies foot prints Donnie 3 months old and weighed 2 pounds Donnie 3 months old and weighed 2 pounds Me, Donnie, and nurse Me, Donnie, and nurse Do you believe in miracles? I do and here is one of the reasons why.
My son, his name is Donnie and he is 2 years old, he will be 3 on January 15th and he is such a little miracle.
Donnie was born at 23 weeks gestation he weighed 1 pound 2 ounces (a micro preemie) and the doctors told us he that was probably going to die. There was an 85 % chance he would not survive. He was on the strongest breathing machine possible, and his little eyes were still sealed shut, but we had faith that he would make it. There were a couple of nights that things did not look good, and the doctors kept asking us to consider turning off the machines that were keeping him alive. They suggested…

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Happy birthday Mommy 💋

“I love my mother she is my best friend and she is ALWAYS there for me and she is such a STRONG WOMAN and I’m happy to be apart of what makes her GREAT.”


So yesterday was my moms Birthday.
I was looking out at the moon and I saw a great photo and took it… And made a card via text, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and tumbler post just for my mommy so the would can know it’s her bday and how much I love her from way out here in GA.

I also talked to her in FaceTime when I got up.
So here is the picture along with my message to my mommy.The picture I took came out amazing. Let me know what you think!

The note said….
I wish I was there with you on your birthday.
I wish I had the money to give you…🌞 the Sun,⭐️ the Stars, & 🌕 the Moon. I guess this is the next best thing.. I took this pic and I thought of you… Happy birthday to my Sun,Moon and Stars. Love you mommy…

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JusJoJan 13 – On the Buses, part deux

“Much love
I swear I didn’t write (nor jot) this myself.
This post is part of Just Jot It January. Click here and add your own jottings today! http://lindaghill.com/2015/01/01/just-jot-it-january-pingback-post-and-rules/

Linda G. Hill

Just a short jot today. One of my youngest son’s favourite past times, for reasons known only to him, is riding on the city bus. And so almost weekly we go on a rather useless trip in the car to the bus station, board a bus and for $8.40 take a return trip to the mall – a trip that if I were to drive my car would cost around 1/10th of that. But whatever. It occasionally gives me ideas for my “Second Seat on the Right” series (which you can find on my fiction blog), it amuses Alex, and once in a while I get an interesting picture.

I wrote a while back about the politeness of the people in my town and that even the graffiti is “nice.” Here’s the latest:

Much love Much love

I swear I didn’t write (nor jot) this myself.

This post is part of Just…

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Love Is The Sea We Sail

For the wind in our sails
God blessing us to sail
This sea of love, together”

Syl65's Blog


How thoughts of you

Fall onto the paper

Black and white letters

So colorful in my eyes


When I look into your eyes

My heart floats

Like flowers on a pond’s surface

Beautiful in their stillness


To stand in your ocean

Wave upon wave of your thoughts

Completely washing over me


For the wind in our sails

God blessing us to sail

This sea of love, together

photo credit: gallsource.com

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Reality Sets In

“I love you family, and I loved our time together. I just wish it didn’t ache so much to be away from you all again. I miss you terribly.”


Snow is coming. A lot of it. Supposedly, somewhere between five inches and a foot of snow. Then sub-arctic cold.

I’m not a fan of snow followed by sub-arctic temperatures. Heck, I’m not a fan of snow anymore. When I first moved here a few years ago (I believe it’s now 23 years, to be exact), I thought the snow was beautiful. But it’s not. Not for a moment, not in any context. I don’t like snow, because I have to scrape it, brush it, shovel it, salt it, deal with it. Right now I can’t even clean my windshield because the jet nozzles on the sprayers are frozen.

I’m back at work today after a wonderful two week vacation. For once, it actually felt like a vacation. I didn’t have any pressures hovering over me. I didn’t have any projects slipped onto my list while I was out. I…

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Short tragic love story

“Are you toying with someone’s love?”

Success Inspirers' World

We dont play with loveWhat a strong, ageless commodity love is! Who would have imagined that Eddie Harrison, at 95 would tie the knot with Edith Hill, herself 96! Pa$ Ma NgobsAnd who would have thought that one would die for the other! The two old people got married in 2014 after living as companions for ten years. Rebecca Wright who took care of them says they were deeply in love. “He lived for her, and she for him.” Old as they were, they “would dance, take walks and care for each other.” How amazing!
This love story, unfortunately, turned tragic when the family of the woman took her away from him. He became distressed; and when she failed to return after two weeks, he was ‘heartbroken’; then fell ill with the flu and later died in hospital.
We don’t joke with real love; do we ? It is too strong a passion to toywords with…

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