Something New

“I’m very happy that the energy in the room has escalated into a much more positive place and I no longer feel anxiety to work in a room that I hate. I’m hoping my writing productivity will also increase with the new energy.”

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

My sister and I recently redecorated our living room.  For the past decade since we opened our photography studio, we’ve had ugly, gross, secondhand couches and love seats.  It seems nearly every time we had clients with small children or pets, our furniture would get messed up, so we never wanted to put any money into it.

Once we had a client who fed their baby a bottle of red juice.  It was shortly after they left that I lifted a cushion off the couch and found where the bottle leaked a large red stain that would never come out, and rather than admitting it to us, the client hid the stain with a pillow.  Another couple of times, we found a dirty diaper stuffed between the seat and the back.  Too many times to count, we’ve had kids with sharp toys stab something into the seats or stand on…

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