Good News!

Stay hungry! Renee Canter Johnson writes, “The second offer has settled me into my role as a novelist, and yet, it has made me hungrier than ever to learn more about the craft and grow as a writer.”

Renee Johnson Writes

I’ve been absent on the blog for a few days — weeks actually.  But there is a good reason.  My second novel, contracted by The Wild Rose Press — the publisher of ‘Acquisition’ — has been keeping me busy!

Yes, my friends.  Novel number two will be coming out this year!

With taglines to write, blurbs to approve, cover art to look through, and my first round of edits, it has been an exciting start to the new year.  And I am not complaining.  On the contrary!  I couldn’t be happier.

“Content is King. Promotion is Queen.” — Bob Mayer Tweet this

Receiving the offer for the second novel has been supremely validating.  I suppose there is a part of the psyche ready to accept that publishing one novel could be a fluke.  The second offer has settled me into my role as a novelist, and yet, it has made…

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Bring it on. Faith asserts, “This is the essence of deliberate practice, which is far more demanding than mere repetition of an activity.”

Faith Renfield

Lifestyle Choices: Multiple Choice Test, Challenge Or SafetyWhat would you be willing to commit to for a full year?

I read an article this week in our local paper about a guy who challenged himself to take a photo of a bird each day for a full year. His real interest is photography but, although newly retired, he said “I have found that increasing the difficulty in life is a good thing to do because the end result is really beneficial.” So he chose to commit to finding a different bird to photograph each day— even though it would have been far easier to commit to just taking one picture per day. And yet when he strove to meet this challenge to himself, the results were remarkable.

I found myself stuck on that one sentence, though. Somehow his rather ponderous wording caught me where simply saying “I’ve found you have to challenge yourself in order to…

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Something New

“I’m very happy that the energy in the room has escalated into a much more positive place and I no longer feel anxiety to work in a room that I hate. I’m hoping my writing productivity will also increase with the new energy.”

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

My sister and I recently redecorated our living room.  For the past decade since we opened our photography studio, we’ve had ugly, gross, secondhand couches and love seats.  It seems nearly every time we had clients with small children or pets, our furniture would get messed up, so we never wanted to put any money into it.

Once we had a client who fed their baby a bottle of red juice.  It was shortly after they left that I lifted a cushion off the couch and found where the bottle leaked a large red stain that would never come out, and rather than admitting it to us, the client hid the stain with a pillow.  Another couple of times, we found a dirty diaper stuffed between the seat and the back.  Too many times to count, we’ve had kids with sharp toys stab something into the seats or stand on…

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Seven Mental Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

“You’re limited only by fear and your imagination. Staying static is like painting your whole blog one color and keeping it that way.”

A Holistic Journey

1.Think big.
If I lived the way I’ve come to blog, I’d see some real progress in my life. On unsure terrain those early days, I started with posts that lined up with my interests. Homeschooling, for example. I felt assured I was “doing the right thing” posting the type of things bloggers were putting out. Gradually I tapped into what I was passionate about and the things that fascinated me. Last year, blogging stopped being a train of posts I shot out one at a time, wondering what I’d write about next. Rather than post linearly, I started architecting my blog. I figured how many floors (that is, topics) I would erect in the next six months, going backward to furnish the rooms (with posts for each topic). The blueprinting gave me direction, control, and purpose. But I wasn’t bound to my plans. There were plenty of posts…

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Everlasting Cronies

“Careful…or you’ll end up in my novel.”

I am excited to introduce you to my debut novel, EVERLASTING CRONIES. I have collected not only my own stories but those of others since I was a child. I just love stories.  My new book is a compilation of many of these stories into one. I hope you enjoy it! Available now on Amazon and Kindle Direct.

Book 2 - Front-CoverPreview.do_edited-1

In EVERLASTING CRONIES you will enjoy a heart-warming, coming of age story about a trio of racially diverse boys who experience joy, loss, conflict, and redemption during the rural Louisiana summer of 1949. There is beauty, romance, and the racial animosity of the Deep South during that pivotal period. Ample local color, the ghost of the old mule jail, a snake dance, and a traditional Southern funeral, punctuate the drama that teaches the boys profitable life-lessons about faith, trust, loyalty and betrayal. This one unforgettable summer moves this threesome to the cusp…

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