The Unexpected Kindness of a Stranger

“Eventually it was time to say goodbye to the kind gentleman.
I pulled my attention away from the birds
and made eye contact with him. “Best wishes for 2015.”

Wendy L. Macdonald



A stranger’s kindness

birds appearing in the woods

unexpected gifts


Wendy ❀ 2015




At the end of December,

Ian and I were enticed by some sunshine

to go bird-watching at Lazo Marsh.

But when we arrived

we couldn’t see any feathered friends.

As we got closer to the water they appeared in the branches.




I’ve not been one to feed birds.

 I figure our garden is already bird-friendly enough

with its abundant supply of organic berries and seeds.

But I wished I’d brought some food with me

so I could lure those sweet little critters 

closer to my camera.




And that’s when the kindness of a stranger intervened.

A retired gentlemen approached us

 while I was struggling with my camera, timer, and tripod.

He stepped closer. “I can take a picture of you both.”

I smiled. “That would be wonderful.”




He pressed…

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Feeling negative from the start

“What’s the coldest it’s gotten this winter where you live? Did you have to go out in the cold, or did you get to stay home? What do you do to fight the cold?”

Mark Bialczak

I heard the furnace running before I opened my eyes. I did not hear the furnance stop.

I heard my dear wife Karen open the door to the back porch to step out and open the back porch door so Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle could do her Tuesday morning thing and felt the dog bound back up on the bed next to me in what seemed to be a flash.

Time to get up and face reality in our cherished Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Elllie B aka Dogamous Pyle is cold on Tuesday morning in Syracuse, N.Y. Elllie B aka Dogamous Pyle is cold on Tuesday morning in Syracuse, N.Y.

Ellie B is back on the bed covers. She’s not stirring even after I poured her breakfast cup of food into her bowl.

Cold off the back porch. Cold off the back porch.

Cold out the living room window. Cold out the living room window.

It’s looking absolutely frigid no matter my vantage point. No steps were taken…

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