Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal: Pine processionary caterpillar on Buyukada island, Istanbul.

Tiffany draws, “A leader is someone people follow… because they want to. “

The Crazy Bag Lady


Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of a row of Pine processionary caterpillar I saw on Buyukada island in Istanbul. The caterpillars move together in a processionary line, following the leader at the front.
“A leader is someone people follow, not because they have to, but because they want to”

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Terrific metaphor.


My father taught me how to pick the best ear of corn. He told me to always look for the ones with the worm. They know what they are doing. They only go after the sweetest.

Friends have come into my life in the same way.corn with worm

Sometimes, I go looking for them. I am drawn in pretty quickly.

There is often surface damage.

There can be sadness or anger. Sometimes it is masked as humor, even sarcasm, but the essence is pure; the feelings run deep.

Once the husk is peeled back, the worm removed, it is just about perfect.

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for the mother(less)

Powerful. Heather writes, “Mothers are our first reflection of self-worth and love, because they are supposed to start loving us before we are even born. Having that protective love is a human right like water and healthcare and being inherently valued. This may not be a Happy or celebratory Mother’s Day for you, but I hope you know you deserve to have one.”

What Do I Need To Pass This Class? (December 2014 Edition)

Best of luck to all students studying for finals!


It’s finals season, at least for colleges that run on a semesterly schedule, and a couple of my posts are turning up in search query results again. So I thought it worth drawing a little more attention to them and hopefully getting people what they need sooner.

The answer: you need to study a steady but not excessive bit every night from now to before the exam; you need to get a full night of sleep before the exam; and you really needed to pay attention in class and do the fiddly little assignments all semester, so, sorry it’s too late for that. Also you need to not pointlessly antagonize your professor; even if you don’t like this class, you could have taken others to meet your academic requirement, so don’t act like you were dragged into Topics in Civilization: Death against your will even if it does satisfy three

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Unafraid, Unashamed

OK, this poem made me cry. Truth is powerful!

Syl65's Blog

I’ve met some incredible people

with stories to tell

heart tugging, heart wrenching

funny and jubilant tales

souls laid bare, not as spectacles

only as beautiful truths

survivors and inspirers of life

messengers with unfiltered views

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
 Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
 Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
 Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
 Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
 Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

blessed are the…

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Things To Do To Awaken Your Inner Child

Let’s go…Color with crayons…Make something from Playdough…

Dream Big, Dream Often

1.  Lay in the grass and stare at the clouds or stars.

2.  Wrestle in the yard.

3.  Go to the park and play catch

4.  Go down a slide at the water park 50 times in a row

5.  Ride a rollercoaster

6.  Build a sandcastle at the beach

7.  Color with crayons

8.  Make something from Playdough

9.  Play a board game

10.  Play hide-n-go seek

11.  Play a pick up game of basketball

12.  Use your imagination and make up crazy stories

13.  Believe and learn a magic trick

14.  Play in the dirt

15.  Finger paint a picture

16.  Go fishing

17.  Visit kids in the hospital

18.  Eat a giant lollipop

19.  Go to a local fair and eat cotton candy

20.  Watch nature

This quote hangs in my bedroom just below a framed Disney artwork piece…

That’s the real trouble with the world, too…

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Merry Month of May!

I love May too, Elaine! Happy May Day ❤

Elaine's Random Thoughts

month-of-may-flowersWelcome to the merry month of May, my very favorite month of the year!   Why, you ask?  Well I suppose because I was born in May.  Of course,May brings Mother’s day when we honor our mothers, grandmothers, our daughters who are mothers, and mothers everywhere!   Sadly some of our mothers have been called home by God, so we no longer can celebrate the day with them; however we still can honor them in our hearts.

For those of us who live up north, May really shows us that Spring is here!   The weather is warmer (usually) and the trees are budding, the flowers are starting to bloom. We begin to catch up with our neighbors in the southern states who are already enjoying the blessings of Spring.

We, of course, cannot forget that May is the month in which we honor our fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate gift for…

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