Watching baby’s weight

Brave in battle. Devin writes, “Sometimes the only help a mother needs is for everyone else to back the hell off. “

D.K. Pope

I have a demon that sits around the corner, watchful and waiting. This particular demon introduced himself when my son was two days old and my midwife’s eyes became deep with worry as she said,

“Henry’s weight is down more than we’d like. You should get a second opinion.”

And so the demon swooped in, landed on my shoulder and our fight began.

Henry was born weighing 9lbs 6oz and was 21 inches long. Then, over his first few days his weight dropped a little more than it was supposed to and everyone freaked out. So my husband and I trudged from lactation consultant to pediatrician and back again, our son clutched in my arms.

The demon, aka “Weight Loss,” had me convinced that I was failing. You can’t even feed your child. He’s wasting away. What’s more important to you, breastfeeding or having a child who lives?

The demon…

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