The artistic mind and depression. Marlene writes, “I fit the bill. As did this list of a few of my favorite writers who I now feel are part of my dysfunctional family.”

Postcards From a Semi-Mad Woman

I stepped out of my box on my last post “Political Obsurdities”. Needless to say I did not get many likes and no comments. Not that I live for likes or comments but I worked hard on that post, damn hard. I thought I had written an op-ed that would make people think. The cricketts were thinking.

Strangely, today was a bad head day for me. I have not “depression” sobbed in a minute and was taken aback when I did. Am I so entwined in what words I put to paper, so to speak, and the reception received that I will let my whole being be affected? I would be in good company if I did. Writingis one of the top 10 professions in which people are most likely to suffer from depression,according to US website health.com.

A 2009 article published by the Association for Psychological…

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