Frame And Display A Love Letter

Sweet DIY project with endless positive spins! Jill writes, “This might be a good exercise to do with all of the people in our lives, especially the difficult ones. Having trouble with a coworker, boss, or feisty child? Try writing them a love letter in the morning forcing yourself to list all of their good qualities, and only their good qualities. This isn’t easy, but you might just notice a big shift in your relationship.”

Maggie May's

Frame and display a love letter

The problem with love letters is that they get tucked into a box only to be read once every few years. Why not pull them out and put them on display where they can be enjoyed all the time?

My brother-in-law started a tradition where he writes a love letter (I’m not sure if he calls it that) to his kids on their birthday. He shares stories from the year, personality traits they developed that year, and whatever else he wants to write about. He writes their name and which birthday it is and seals it up. He stores it in a safe and on his kids’ 18th birthday, they will receive 18 letters, one from each birthday over the past 18 years. It will be like a diary of their life through the eyes of their dad.

I just loved that idea and got his permission to copy it 🙂

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