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Richard, while you already follow me I’m glad to recommend your blog and happy to connect with others. Thank you for your generosity! I am Angie Mc at . All the best 😀

Human Embodiment


Since using WordPress, I have noticed an absence of the squabbling and bickering commonly found on other social media. I think this is because WordPress is a great place for like-minded, creative people to network and share ideas. It brings us together with an eye for beauty and a passion for writing. We are motivated by our mutual awareness for having an individual voice. Then, occasionally, we lose faith in what we pursue. Sometimes we simply don’t have enough time to format, edit, proofread or promote our blogs. We go away for a while, return to the blog after a month, check the stats and realise visiting numbers have dwindled. This is normal, as when something loses its novelty it must be replaced with more novelty. New posts replace the old and the blog ticks over. Posting is like exercising a muscle. The more you post, the more refined, toned, flexible…

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