A Middle-Aged Woman Reclaims Her Beauty

HT to https://bulgingbuttons.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/three-reasons-to-choosebeautiful-video-brave/ . Melanie writes, “And I’ve found my beauty. It snuck up on me.”

Our View From Iowa

The beauty of young women cannot be denied, healthy with glowing unwrinkled skin, bright eyes, firm round breasts, and soft, dark pink lips. Their bellies are flat, or sweetly rounded like a kitten’s. Usually unaware of their own loveliness, they see it in those around them, and they envy, they yearn for the beauty of others.

As we age we think we are wiser but still we yearn for beauty, especially that of youth, the smooth skin and firm breasts. We forget our own youthful good looks, if we’d ever even known them.

I was “pretty” as a young woman, never beautiful in my own eyes. I was pretty until I married a man with two beautiful daughters, both of whom outshone me. I became plain compared to them. Even at their gawky best, with bad skin and braced teeth, their beauty was clear and I felt plain. Mirror, mirror…

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