The Deal Breaker Triangle

A thorough, thoughtful, loving prioritized life. Bonus: a great diagram! Richard writes, “For me, family and friends is always priority number one.”

Human Embodiment

Your Location

Regarding what is most important in my life if I am to live it to its full potential, with minimal suffering and an abundance of colour, novelty and opportunity, I have spent some time thinking about what the most vital elements to well-being are. Stripping life down to its bare minimum and condensing all the criteria into a way that I can clearly understand how my life is being shaped, I have devised a method of determining levels of happiness and satisfaction by highlighting the key areas.

I call the above diagram the Deal Breaker Triangle. We each have individual preferences and factors that would determine whether or not we stay in one particular region or decide to move to a more pleasant one, and we each have factors that we place as higher priority in determining that level of daily contentment and sense of reward. In the diagram, each…

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