How blogging has changed my thinking…

Lovely meandering of thoughts and emotions related to blogging. Nihar writes, “Like all marriage there are troubles and there are ups and downs in the relationship, and my marriage to blogging has been a roller coaster ride though the marriage has not faced the rocky terrain as it happens to so many where the emotions are not in control and motion of emotion has been let loose.”

Makeup & Breakup

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I had never thought with the convergence of digital technology with traditional writing…called as “blogging” can infuse such radical change in me, change in general, I have been resisting and the more I resisted, the more it persisted.

There was no difference in my resistance.

I resisted for long to join the platform.

I was just simply ignoring its innate transforming influence, and maybe, I was reluctant to migrate from the conventional mode of writing which I was so deeply embedded. My thinking was confined to the boundary of convention.

The Metamorphosis

Writing is itself a self-transforming process.

Interestingly, the process is going through a transformation. And it is not a simple transformation. I was unable to fathom the degree of transformation until I related it to story of metamorphosis.

In fact today writing has undergone a metamorphosis, even though not as terrifying as depicted by Franz Kafka in…

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