A Magical Weekend

Surprise! Family love in action. Christina shares, “…your smiles, that sheen of pure happiness on your face, and the wonder and amazement in your eyes that on several moments brought tears to my own eyes, for this I can’t wait for the chance to do it all over again…”


Dear Babes,

We did it! Daddy and I managed to get you to Disney World for the surprise of your short little lives, and all without you suspecting a single thing! You’ve been asking to go to Disney World for the better part of a year now, and all we ever say is “We’ll see” or “Maybe one day.” This time, you knew you were going on a vacation but you were so excited just to be going to the airport and getting on a plane that you didn’t even question the destination. Lila, you had it in your mind that we were going to the beach, and Matthew, you just didn’t care. We got all the way through a connecting flight and walked halfway through the Orlando airport before we revealed we were there for Disney World, and boy did your berserk reactionhave passers-by stopping in their tracks.


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