Heavenly Bodies

Celestial joy handed down the generations. Victo Dolore writes, “We might not have had enough to eat sometimes, but by golly we had a giant telescope packed away in a trunk somewhere and knowing that made me feel special.”

Behind the White Coat


“Look now.” He stepped away for the telescope and gestured that it was my turn. “Do you see the craters?”

My brothers were off playing in one of the dark corners of the backyard. I pulled my sweater tighter as I leaned in, holding my breath.

There it was.

The moon.

Like in the books at the library, all of the glorious details were right there. All of the sleepiness that had been folding its arms around me faded away in the excitement of the moment.

“Be careful. Don’t put you eye on the eyepiece.”

I looked again.

An hour later I was looking at the red spot on Jupiter. Some of the moons were even visible.

At some point in the night I saw Saturn’s rings.

All told, my actual viewing time was under 20 minutes (It was a challenge to line up tiny bodies of light in a…

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