In My Fairy Tale…

Passionate and practical post about the finesse of living a full and generous life. Victo Dolore writes, “And so I want to be treasured and protected and valued. Most of all I want to be respected. Not respected as a man. Respected for my unique role as a caregiver to patients, family. Not equal. I don’t want to be equal. I am better than that. “

Behind the White Coat


She looked at me, incredulously, her blonde hair all tousled up around her grimy face. She had attacked her brother in the sandbox and was now with me in the bathroom explaining how big kids used the potty. I was explaining back that “big kids” were her brother and that she was not able to use the potty the same way he did.

“No!” Her eyes flashed with anger. “Tell God to give me a weewee! I want to grow a weewee!”

I remember myself how unfair it had seemed. Boys got to pee standing up and I could not. There was no one to turn to for justice. I had felt angry, hurt, betrayed, and trapped in a body that was substandard. Worse, no one had asked me what I wanted when all if this was decided for me. Who doesn’t want to just point and shoot?

“Sorry, sweetie…

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