Free Advice — How do you stay positive through trying times?

Gutsy, funny, and practical help. Mark writes, “Let your loved ones love you. Do not close them out of your life.”

Mark Bialczak

Free Advice is a periodic feature in which I answer anonymous letters sent to Today I entertain a many-faceted question, with another wrinkle you’ll discover below.

Hi Mark,

How does a person stay positive in times of economic stress, loss or change?

We can even break it down more.

How do you stay positive after job loss?

What do you say to someone who has lost a parent/spouse/child?

How do you keep a sense of humor in tough times?

Thank you,


Dear Michelle,

First of all, thanks for having the guts to send me this question with your name attached. Folks, meet Mama Mick Terry, author of the fine blog of that name found here. Thank you for introducing me to your friends over at your place. You can find today’s Freestyle Friday feature here.

There’s part of my blueprint for remaining OK through tough times…

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