New Comic Up! + #1000Speak for Compassion

Love in action! LMG writes, “But what I have found in my limited experience is that these are just words. Real compassion of course comes from doing. It is an action.”

LMG comic updates

1000speakWhen you close your eyes, you might see this: But only until the fever passes. Below I’ve written a little bit about compassion. Please consider blogging (or facebooking, or tweeting) for compassion and I’ll see you next week!

“The true meaning of compassion will only become clear if one lives a life of compassion. There is no other way.

Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.

Compassion, real compassion, is not an emotion: it is a commitment. You will keep this commitment in spite of your emotions. It is not dependent on something so fickle as emotions.”
– Jos Slabbert

The only thing a person really needs to do in life is be compassionate. Even if you fail at everything else, if you are compassionate, you have succeeded. So what is being compassionate? What is this lifetime goal?

Words describe compassion as ending suffering wherever…

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