Bring it on. Faith asserts, “This is the essence of deliberate practice, which is far more demanding than mere repetition of an activity.”

Faith Renfield

Lifestyle Choices: Multiple Choice Test, Challenge Or SafetyWhat would you be willing to commit to for a full year?

I read an article this week in our local paper about a guy who challenged himself to take a photo of a bird each day for a full year. His real interest is photography but, although newly retired, he said “I have found that increasing the difficulty in life is a good thing to do because the end result is really beneficial.” So he chose to commit to finding a different bird to photograph each day— even though it would have been far easier to commit to just taking one picture per day. And yet when he strove to meet this challenge to himself, the results were remarkable.

I found myself stuck on that one sentence, though. Somehow his rather ponderous wording caught me where simply saying “I’ve found you have to challenge yourself in order to…

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