Happy birthday Mommy 💋

“I love my mother she is my best friend and she is ALWAYS there for me and she is such a STRONG WOMAN and I’m happy to be apart of what makes her GREAT.”


So yesterday was my moms Birthday.
I was looking out at the moon and I saw a great photo and took it… And made a card via text, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and tumbler post just for my mommy so the would can know it’s her bday and how much I love her from way out here in GA.

I also talked to her in FaceTime when I got up.
So here is the picture along with my message to my mommy.The picture I took came out amazing. Let me know what you think!

The note said….
I wish I was there with you on your birthday.
I wish I had the money to give you…🌞 the Sun,⭐️ the Stars, & 🌕 the Moon. I guess this is the next best thing.. I took this pic and I thought of you… Happy birthday to my Sun,Moon and Stars. Love you mommy…

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